Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated

About the Book

Summer air hangs over Pine Grove Cemetery in Brunswick, Maine, as a small gathering quietly takes in the sight of the grave of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Buried beside him is his wife, Fanny, both dead since the early 20th century. As Jessica Jewett reads the word boldly engraved into Fanny’s headstone – UNVEILED – she is aware that she is looking at her own grave.

Throughout her childhood, Jessica is involuntarily thrust into shadowy subconscious memories of faces, events, emotions and voices from a Maine family in a century past. Feelings of being haunted by a woman from the 19th century plague Jessica until she comes face-to-face in a Georgia bookstore with what she realizes is her past life of Fanny Chamberlain, wife of Civil War general and Maine governor, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Twenty years of dreams, visions, photographic evidence, eye-witness accounts and historical documentation culminate until Jessica can no longer deny the truth of who she was, despite her initial vehement refusal to accept it.

As Jessica looks into her past life leads to discovering other people in her present life reincarnated from the 19th century, including Fanny’s brother-in-law, Tom Chamberlain, her birth mother, Amelia Adams, her adoptive father, Reverend George Adams, and her son, Wyllys Chamberlain. As Jessica interweaves the events of her present life with her past, she pieces together the lessons, unresolved relationships and questions of self-acceptance to reach a higher understanding of herself, the power of love, the purpose of her life’s journey and how to use her experiences to help others.
With thousands of cases in which people are aware of their past lives, only a handful display the kind of evidence that deserves closer examination. Some people choose to ignore the shadowy images spontaneously recalled from other incarnations, others are driven to madness by them, while some take the lessons from the past to fulfill the present. A few become a light in the darkness for the majority largely hidden behind the veil of stigma in reincarnation.

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Excerpts from the Book

Listed below are two excerpts from Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated.

– Excerpt No. 1

– Excerpt No. 2


For media inquiries regarding Jessica Jewett and her book, Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated, please visit our contact page.

As interviews are conducted, they will be linked below.

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Ghost Chatter on Para-X Radio: Jessica is interviewed by Jimmy Morris. 60 minutes.

For these two interview parts, right-clink the link and select Save Link As. The mp3 file will download to your computer and you may listen to it with your chosen audio player.
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Darkness Radio: Jessica and Nellie Kampmann are interviewed by David Schrader. 60 minutes. Search the list of episodes for the one titled Historic Reincarnations dated 4/19. Roll your mouse over the title and click the blue play button that appears.


If you would like to review Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated, please contact Jessica Jewett. As reviews are received, they will be linked below.

Review by Nellie Kampmann of Haunted Voices Radio Network
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