Ask for signs!

Messenger Between WorldsI usually write my blogs ahead of time and schedule them to post at 6 am so people can read over their morning coffee, but this event happened last night between 2:30 and 3:00 am. I wasn’t about to stay up all night writing a blog, although I did take a few notes. Sorry you didn’t get to read this blog over your morning coffee like usual!

So here’s the story (… of a lovely lady?).

Last night, I stayed up rather late finishing a book written by my friend, Kristy Robinett, which is pictured at left. Kristy was the very first person to interview me about my reincarnation case on a BlogTalk Radio show that she used to do about seven years ago. It was my first public platform to speak openly about my case. We’ve kept in touch since then and I refer clients to her when I can’t do their readings (she’s a much stronger medium than I am with reconnecting people with deceased loved ones). I bought her book right away when it was published but I didn’t have a chance to read it until this week.

That’s the other thing. I’ve had an insatiable appetite for books this month. Normally, I have no time for pleasure reading but this month I’ve been going to bed with books (that’s the only time I can read) and I’m not sleeping very much because I simply can’t stop reading. I finished Chip Coffey’s book in two sittings and the same went for Kristy’s book, and I finished the first Harry Potter book in three sittings. I have no idea what’s going on but I know the lack of sleep is going to catch up with me soon. My brain is apparently starved for brain food though. In fact, I’m resisting the urge to abandon this blog and get started on a Civil War novel right now.

Back to the story!

As I was reading Kristy’s book last night, I got rather emotional in a few places because some of her stories hit a little too close to home. We both devote our lives to helping other people but we both have a history of ignoring universal cues and signs directing our own lives, leaving us open to disillusionment and loss. I don’t know very many mediums, psychics, etc., who have their lives together simply because it’s not in our nature to think about ourselves and what we might need (supposing said mediums, psychics, etc., are in the work for the right reasons). I think we in general have trouble following our own advice because we repeat it over and over again to our clients and the words don’t have the same impact in our own ears. Tell people you love them every day before mediums become necessary. – You don’t need a medium to say I love you to Grandma because she hears you just the same. – Our loved ones look after us even in spirit, so it’s okay to ask for signs. – That sort of thing. We end up sounding like broken records in the course of helping people, which means we often forget to follow advice for ourselves.

Ask for signs.

This is the most fundamental thing when anyone wants to work with their spirit guides or other loved ones in spirit, yet I can’t seem to remember to apply it in my own life. I sometimes feel extremely alone in my life and I self-sabotage my ability to recognize presences of my loved ones when I’m in emotional, mental, or physical downward spirals. The holidays are especially hard. Reading the passage in Kristy’s book last night with the reminders that we should pay closer attention to the subtleties and synchronicities shown to us by Spirit, and to ask for signs when we need direction or comfort.

I finished the book and sat in the dark for a while trying to go to sleep. I decided I was going to try an experiment to see if I could get a sign, so I chose to see if one in particular would cooperate (Lawrence). Music was a huge part of our lives when we were together, so it occurred to me that I should open iTunes on my iPhone and put it on shuffle with focus on requesting signs in the first five random songs chosen by the player. Before I opened iTunes, I did a light meditation just to quiet my mind and put my intention out there to Lawrence. However, the older I get, the more skeptical I am of the concept of signs, so a big part of me thought this experiment was going to be a big dumpster fire of nothingness. I said, “If you have things you want to say to me, use the songs and say them.” So I scrolled up to the top and tapped “Shuffle”.

The first song that came up was one that I’ve never actually played before but the title was Can U Believe and it was by Robin Thicke. Immediately, I recognized the word believe in the title because Kristy had just written a lot in the book about that word popping up when she needed signs. Okay, I conceded, that was a little interesting. Then I listened to the song itself. It’s about self-doubt and learning to believe in yourself. It also mentions being away from the one you love, and being watched but not knowing it. Listen to the song for yourselves.

I got goosebumps but one song applying to the situation could have easily been a coincidence. The next song came on, which was Words of Love by The Beatles. Again, I don’t listen to that song very often and at first I thought there was no connection. My grand experiment, I thought, was not anything realistic. As I listened to the words, however, the song turned out to be about a guy asking a girl to tell him that she loves her. Some of the phrases and words were very close to known letters from Lawrence, who was, in the beginning, extremely insecure about how I felt. He constantly needed reassurance, very much like the way this song plays out. The song was actually written by Buddy Holly in 1957 and then The Beatles covered it.

Still rather skeptical and questioning myself as to whether I was just grasping at straws, I waited for the third of my five requested songs to start. The first notes of Boondocks by Little Big Town played and I wrinkled my nose in, “Okay, this means nothing,” frustration. Wrong. Toward the middle of the song, they sang the line, “I can taste that honeysuckle and it’s still so sweet when it grows wild on the banks down at old Camp Creek. Yeah, it calls to me like a warm wind blowing.” My eyes popped open in bed and I realized it did mean something. One of Lawrence’s pet names for me was “honeysuckle girl” at the time, and even now in the present, I sometimes smell honeysuckle when they’re not even in season.

One obvious connection – coincidence. Two obvious connections – maybe still a coincidence. Three obvious connections? I was starting to pay attention. Three quarters of the way through Boondocks, I said, “If you’re actually influencing the songs, please don’t stop yet. I need two more songs.” I waited for the fourth song to start and immediately, Rhianna’s voice chanted, “Please don’t stop the music. Please don’t stop the music. Please don’t stop the music.” If that was a coincidence, it was hilariously timed, but truthfully, I knew that was his humor. There are pages and pages of letters saved in which he would mimic and tease me for fun.

Four songs in a row in direct response to what I was thinking or saying had me a little nervous. Sometimes people want to see patterns in nothing and I was afraid of doing that even though the deal I proposed seemed to work. I was afraid of pressing my luck by needing fifth song, though, so I found myself saying toward the end of the Rhianna song, “I need another song, but if you can’t or won’t, I promise not to be disappointed.” With bated breath, the iTunes switched over to the next song and Miranda Lambert belted, “Heeeeey, white liiiaaaar…” I burst into laughter. What are the odds that I would get direct responses with phrases that were completely true? I was going to be disappointed if the fifth song meant nothing, so it was, in fact, a white lie.

So I got the five songs written down and let iTunes keep playing. I did that because if I was imagining patterns or reaching too hard, then I should have been able to connect any song to him. Six, seven, eight, nine, etc., songs went by and I felt nothing, nor were there any lyrical connections. The five songs that played in my experiment seeking signs were either songs that I hadn’t yet played or so rarely played that they weren’t even on my top played songs list, so it couldn’t have been a frequency thing. I have over 700 songs in my iTunes and those were the five chosen.

Did I get the signs I needed that I was watched over and not alone? Maybe so. I have no way to prove it. I certainly think I did because I know that particular spirit well enough to know how he would and would not react to my feelings and thoughts.

Ask for signs from your guides and loved ones on the other side. See what happens.

5 responses to “Ask for signs!”

  1. Kimberly Nitcher says:

    Often times when walking my dog in the dark, a certain street light will go out every time we pass under it. For the longest time, I would joke about it with my friend. Until I realized what was really going on. Its my Spirit Guide letting me know he/she is with me. For the past several months, this light hasn’t been going out, making me wonder if my Guide had left me. And then this afternoon, I read your blog. So tonight, I grabbed the dog and we went for our usual walk, passing under that light, I asked for a sign. Nothing. I was so disappointed. As we walked, I asked, no pleaded, for a sign that I was not alone, that Spirit was present. That’s when I noticed the light across the street was out. Coincidence?! Maybe. As we crossed the street, I repeated my plea. Then, standing under the darkened light, it lit up, sending light and warmth down on me like a well worn quilt. As tears ran down my cheeks, I thanked Spirit for not abandoning me. And I want to thank you, Jessica, for helping me know that I’m never really alone.

  2. Sharlene Kowalewski says:

    My 24 year old daughter has been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for the past 15 months. She has what they call Refractory Hodgkin’s; it comes back. She has been on 5 different regimens of chemo and tomorrow will undergo a stemcell transplant. A few months back I had asked the angels to give me a sign that everything was going to be OK with her. I found a dime and penny in the parking lot and said, “Ok, please continue to give me dimes and pennies as my sign.” I’ve found 10-15 after that. Recently, I was out shopping and once again on a parking lot asked for my sign, but no coins. While in the store, I was heading towards the cat litter and for some unknown reason I decided to take a shortcut back through the TV section; something I never do. While passing the last TV, a Walmart Pharmacy commercial came on. A lady was talking about her husband being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She said he had treatment and they thought all was well. But it came back (just as my daughter’s). She said that their only hope was a stem cell transplant and that somehow through the Walmart Pharmacy this was possible (at this point I wasn’t listening very clearly, so I don’t know how the pharmacy made it possible), and that today her husband is cancer free!! The rest of my shopping trip I kept thinking if THIS was my sign; was I meant to see that commercial to let me know she would be well! I went to the parking lot and loaded my groceries in my trunk and the car behind me had a sticker on its back window. It read—ANGELS—Believe in Them!! I do!!

  3. Patricia Garcia says:

    My mother taught me at a very young age when I was lost or confused, to put it out there and look for signs. My favorite way to do this is to walk into a bookstore without a plan. First clear my mind, and I do that by hitting up the coffee bar first. 🙂 I get my nice hot cup of Joe and wander the store. I just allow myself to be led, walk up to any book, pull it off the shelf, open to a random page and read.

    Because this has worked more times than not, I started calling the bookstore my church. 🙂

    But recently, I stopped looking for, or even believing in signs. So thanks for the reminder. This blog post brought a smile to my face, especially reading about you and Lawrence and the way he use to tease you. 🙂

  4. Kristin says:

    A year ago, shortly after my Dad’s funeral, I was driving on the freeway (I believe it was my first day back to work) and I drove within sight of the cemetery where my father is buried. On the drive I was listening to the CD that we had made for my father’s funeral. It was a mixture of songs that included some of his favorites and songs that reminded us of him. I slipped in a song that I remembered my Dad singing to me as a little girl when I couldn’t get to sleep: Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head by BJ Thomas. Anyway, as I was driving by the cemetery, the CD played that song. I believe that it was my Dad letting me know that he was with me.

  5. inky_1 says:

    So…this blog has been on my mind lately. The idea that it’s ok to ask for signs sort of scared me because…what if I ask for a sign and then don’t get one? That worried me.

    Well, on the night before Christmas Eve, I decided to at least try. All I said was “Nana” (this is what we called my recently passed great grandmother…) “I need a sign that you are okay… Please, can you give me a sign? If you need any ideas…a white Christmas would certainly be a good sign ;)” Note: I was mostly joking about a suggested white Christmas sign…

    On Christmas Eve, I visited my Nana’s grave to drop off a couple of pointsettas for her and her late husband (my Papap). It was flurrying when we got there…and then began to snow HARD. We got like 3 inches of snow in a matter of hours. The weather had NOT been calling for snow.

    I told my whole family about my request to my Nana 🙂 It was a great comfort to us all. It made this first Christmas without her a lot easier; I felt so close to her.

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