2012 Christmas message from spirit

Victorian ChristmasLast Christmas, I had been practicing automatic writing for a few months and the spirit I was working with gave me a message to share with everyone. Here we are a year later and a different spirit stepped up to have his message heard. I cannot name this spirit, however. The name would influence your perception of the message and it is true that even spirits deserve a chance at anonymity.

I had a harder time doing it this year as opposed to last year. This year I’m more distracted and busier than ever, which is a blessing, but I feel like I’m rushing through a lot of things now. And it seems like more of my regular visitors have figured out that I’m capable of automatic writing in varying degrees, so many of them want to be heard as well. Not only am I doing this public message, but I feel compelled to deliver private messages too. I feel guilty if I don’t do it.

So without further ado, here is this year’s Christmas message to you all from one spirit in the afterlife.

“Changes are coming so fast in the physical world that many there cannot see beyond the violence and heartache facilitating those changes. The loss of a child, the piercing of a bullet, the taking of another life – none is easily overcome, nor can these deeds be forgotten. No death comes by accident and no death is more important than any other. A life’s extinguishment and transition into our realm comes for all. It is the great equalizer. Human ego creates a hierarchy of life and death, but we must all remember that each soul is a life force all its own with a history of rags, riches, love, and hate. No soul holds more value than another. A child dying of hunger in Africa is requires as much attention and action as a child shot in school. The nationality pales in comparison to the reverence of being one stitch in the fabric of humanity. We must all serve one another and love one another. We all have the power to abolish hunger, pain and suffering.

Enough talking. Start doing. A new Age of Enlightenment is upon us if we reach out and touch it. The world must become more ‘we’ and less ‘them’. Love more, argue less. The basic principles of decency have been lost and we therefore must look to antiquity for guidance. Look to your ancestors. Look to your children. Look to Spirit.

Spiritual practices must return to daily life in the world. Which practice is preferred isn’t the argument. The discipline, self-discovery, true love with the universe, and joy that accompanies daily spiritual practices cannot be denied. Don’t be fearful of that which is bigger than the self. Never allow the ego to become the deity. Each soul is but a dot in the whole of the painting. The painting cannot exist without each brush stroke and each splash of paint. Give the artist joy in painting you.

This coming year, you must slow down and absorb moments. Love the people who hate the most and push them toward the light of joy. Never answer hate with hate. Never give blackness more power. Spend your soul energy on charity, joy, healing, and remembering that which is bigger than the self.”

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  1. Mary Ciulla says:

    This is so beautiful. The trick is to remember to love and to not respond with hate, or even dislike. An important message, especially after this year. The treatment of children and animals is reprehensible and tragic, a sign that humans are in trouble spiritually. It isn’t just our country, but all – we are all related.

  2. Edain McCoy says:

    Ma, this is the same message I’ve been giving in talks since last summer. Is this the New Age? Is this the Age of Aquarius we sang about in the 60s? It is my belief that it is and that the imbalance in everything we’re been angered by is going to start sliding toward a central, stable, peace. It won’t be fast or easy, but it’s so worth the effort. I do know 2012 had a lot of shake ups and shake downs and after my Yule ritual I felt an incredible sense of calm that I haven’t known in a long time. Mother, I’ll be calling you early in the new year. No more procrastinating, for I now have a new confidence in who I am and where I came from. Love to your family and to the family we share.

  3. Donetta Swift says:

    Jessica, This is a beautiful message and I feel the stong urge to read it out loud at my family Christmas gathering. I hope this is ok with you. Of course you will be credited with it’s writing. Thank you for passing along this great message.

  4. Donna says:

    Thank you for this beautiful message:)

  5. Ahmada says:

    Simon’e, we absolutely will pass thguroh shadows following the light. We define how much light we see ahead by the shadows around us. We must pass thguroh and keep going, always.

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