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>From the Darkness Risen

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I originally published this novel a few years ago. It took me years to write it. A first novel is always about trial and error, and this one went through several incarnations before I was satisfied with it. Of course, as much of a perfectionist as I am, I don’t think I will ever really be satisfied with anything I publish.

Now technology is moving into something I dreaded – digital books. I used to think digital books were a fad and I would never lower my dignity from traditionally bound tangible books to those new-fangled books read on computers. Fast forward several years to today. I have joined the digital publishing masses, a bit reluctantly so. Technology intimidates me but I have to keep up with it in order to serve the masses and reach as many people as I can. This novel is the first that I have added to Kindle and it wasn’t easy! Kindle formatting is difficult at first but I’ve gotten through it. I will be putting the rest of my books on Kindle in time as well. I think the next one going to Kindle will be Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated.

For now, here are all of the ways you can buy my novel, From the Darkness Risen, with the synopsis below the links.

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From the Darkness Risen is the first novel by upcoming author, Jessica Jewett. Set during the bloody American Civil War, From the Darkness Risen is a story of courage, valor and what it means to be a family. The novel is populated by both fictional and real characters, which gives the story a rich tapestry of American history. Isabelle and Robert Cavanaugh represent the average family – the sort of family that sent off fathers, sons and husbands to fill ranks for a noble cause. The root of their story is the importance of family, love and forgiveness.

A young couple with a toddler son, the Cavanaughs endure the explosion of civil war, separation and the struggle of keeping the family farm out of enemy hands. Robert, a captain in the Stonewall Brigade, is captured during the fight at Sand Ridge, Virginia, and taken to a Union prison in Illinois. When Isabelle hears the frightening news, she abandons her post as a nurse in Staunton, Virginia’s Confederate Army Hospital with futile hopes of securing her husband’s freedom. Along the way, Isabelle sees the brutality of war through her deeply religious sensitivity, and struggles with the traditional roles of a 1860s wife and mother against her desire to be something more. When her companion, Eva Reed, sabotages the dangerous escape, Isabelle and Robert find themselves fighting for their lives. Will they make it out of enemy territory alive?

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