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A holiday message from spirit

A holiday message from spirit
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As some of you know, I have been working to gain a clearer perception of true communications from those dwelling in the other side, the afterlife, Heaven, the Summerland, whatever you choose to call it.

I’m not exactly sure how I’m doing this. Sometimes it’s me copying down clairaudient information (copying speech I hear), although that is rare. Sometimes it’s me interpreting information from all of the other senses aside from hearing it, which is most common. Other times, my perception becomes so intense and clear that my actual penmanship changes and takes on characteristics of the deceased person. This has been called automatic writing or channeling. I have done it but it takes a lot out of me, so I typically prefer to keep a buffer between myself and the messenger. In most cases, I’m doing this on a private basis for people when their loved ones seek my attention during one of these sessions and I never talk about it in public. I’m just a conduit. It’s not my place to talk about it.

I’m still learning about this and I’m under the supervision of someone far more experienced. The reason why I’m pointing that out is because I don’t want the rest of you thinking it’s romantic and cool to say, “Hey Casper, come take my pen and write some stuff!” Any type of communication with spirit should only be done under the supervision of those far more experienced until you yourself are experienced enough and only if you feel the undeniable call to do so. It took me a year of talking to different people experienced in these things just to decide if I should listen to that call. I was a child medium, so I ultimately decided that this is just a more advanced form of communication and no more or less dangerous than the other medium work I have been doing since I could talk. When you mess with the other side, you have to understand that you’re opening a door for anything to come through – good or bad. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing with an Ouija board, doing EVP sessions, channeling, automatic writing, or simply saying, “Give me a sign of your presence.” You’re still essentially doing the same thing – inviting contact with the afterlife. If you don’t know how to maintain your energy, your home, your spiritual boundaries, and those of your loved ones, then you’re just asking for trouble. This is not something that should be taken lightly.

That being said, one of my recent sessions with a regular spirit in my “collection” became a message that I was instructed to share with all of my readers. I will not name this spirit. Sorry. The following text came through my pen on my private notebook and I transcribed it for you, my readers, as per the spirit’s instructions. It was a mixed message from all senses, so I hope I got it as right as I could, although I am merely human. You’ll see said spirit refer to me as “O”. My mother had intended to call me Olivia when I was born and some of my regulars call me O or Olivia to get my attention.

Read it. Soak it in. Take it to heart. It’s as much meant for each of you individually as it is for the collective whole.



I’m speaking to those in the physical with O’s help. She is a flicker of light and warmth that should be felt everywhere.

Powerful currents of emotional energy have been building for a long time in the wrong direction. I has become more important than we. Things – the material – have replaced the soul. These are not new ideas. The world is increasingly aware – with a bitter tongue, I might add – of humanity’s shortcomings, but our message is shifting here in the spirit as your perception is shifting in the physical. We’re standing on the edge of a cliff, my friends, and it’s time to push forward in the awakening. Reality is so much bigger than perceived through the human eye if you only open your spiritual eye and look around. If we don’t come together now, the human race will collapse on itself and be forced to start over again. Petty differences mean nothing in the larger scope of things. Look at the things causing you anger, sadness and hopelessness. Are they really caused by other people or are they caused by something broken in yourself? Only honestly cracking open your chests to look at your raw souls will heal the hurt. Be truthful. The time for excuses and procrastination is done, my friends. Truth and love are universal languages that will heal all wounds, settle all differences, and end all wars.

To those whose family and friends moved from skins to spirits, now is not a time for despair. We’re here, we’re well, and we’re always as close as your thoughts, whispers and love. Just as you feel us, we feel you. That which parts our planes of existences is thinnest when the physical world allows itself to swell with love in any form. December is a time for embracing family and friends both here and there but you must learn to carry it throughout your years. Speak to us as you speak to anyone if you need the closeness. We hear you no matter if you feel us lingering around or not. Most importantly, speak to those nearest you. Never wait for the next minute, the next hour, the next day, or the next year to express your love for all people and gratitude for life. Never allow darkness to overtake you no matter how it comes – loneliness, hopelessness, poverty, physical suffering, or emotional anguish – because as quickly as things can get worse, they can get better too.

Stop and feel the breath in your lungs.
Feel your feet on the ground.
Feel the love of all the souls you’ve come across in your existence.
Reconnect with the beauty of your own soul.

Never allow yourself to believe you’re unworthy of love. Your life is an integral piece of the universe. Your love is necessary for the greater good. Love a stranger during these holidays because a stranger will love you. Heal a piece of your enemy by giving them love.

Do you see?


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How I see myself

How I see myself
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I saw this cartoon on Facebook today. This is how I see myself, although sometimes my alter ego shadow is a mermaid. Legs are overrated.

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Not all intuitives have it together

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I’m writing from bed, so forgive me if there are any mistakes.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m really doing any good. It’s the simplest question I ask myself almost every day, whether I’m really doing any good and helping people. Part of doing what I do is feeling everything on a deeper level. Not just my own emotions but everyone else’s emotions too and that makes me get mired down in the muck sometimes. I spent tonight trying to get organized for this week and answer my ridiculous flow of email and I found myself getting overwhelmed. People are waiting for their readings, responses to emails, advice, help with spiritual problems, general chatter, and so forth. I found myself sitting there staring at all of it, not sure where to start and ready to not do any of it. (Don’t worry – I am doing it.) I wish I knew how to explain it to people. In order for me to function as an intuitive, I have to be in good mental, physical and emotional condition. I haven’t been lately. I got thrown off track with my leg injury last month and I’m only just now starting to really pull it back together again.

What right do I have to offer people spiritual assistance and advice when I go through these moments of struggle? Should I not be leading by example? Am I not supposed to be a pillar of efficiency and strength for those who really need help?

I don’t feel worthy of the responsibilities I’ve been given with this lifetime. Who decided I’m strong enough to carry the burden of being able to see the past, the spirit world, and the pain of others so clearly? I don’t feel like people believe in me enough, that my intentions are in a higher place and I am a woman of my word. Sometimes it takes me a lot longer to do things and unfortunately I work on their clock too (spirits) and they don’t always see the business practicality of it. I don’t like charging money for readings but I have to in order to survive. All other forms of income I try never work. It’s like the universe keeps telling me, “You are working for us over here so you’re not allowed to do anything else.” I keep my fees as low as I can but I don’t make enough as it is. Who does, really?

I think I’m more frustrated because I know doing readings for peanuts is not my whole purpose. I don’t feel like I’m reaching enough people. Seeing so much pain, suffering and lack of spiritual understanding in this world actually causes me grief like I’m not personally doing enough healing work. I have felt this sense of responsibility since I was a child. It isn’t anything new. Now that I’m a few months away from 30, however, that responsibility is pressing on me even more. Am I doing enough? Have I really honestly helped anyone improve the course of their soul’s journey? Or am I failing with the gifts I’ve been given because I struggle to be satisfied in my personal journey?

But then, tomorrow I will get up and keep going like I do every day. I’ve made it 30 years without a strong support system who truly understands this life. I can survive another 30. Maybe I am stronger than I look. I may not always understand why I have this responsibility and why I have it alone but I don’t have any other choice than to keep moving forward, hoping I touch a few lives and teach a few lessons handed to me by the universe.

I suppose the moral of this story is just because you see an intuitive, medium, whatever you want to call it, doing good work doesn’t always mean they have it together. Some are lucky to be thriving with what they are but many do struggle. It can be a lonely life of not feeling understood and struggling to really form intimate connections with regular people. The act of doing readings and doing spiritual work leaves the intuitive exposed because there has to be an exchange of energy. That’s a very intimate experience. For that reason, many of us are very emotionally guarded when we are not working unless we recognize one of our own kind.

Be kind, be gentle and be patient with people who have a raw nerve exposed to the spirit world. It can be hard for us to live with one foot here and one foot there.

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